Jump Jump Jump

(Video excerpt)

Single channel video with sound, 1920 x 1080, PAL 

Length: 2’22’’ (Total length:6'51")


Jump Jump Jump 

Multi-channel video with sound, 1920 x 1080 HD, Length: 6’51”

Those video footages about the Asian Carp were collected from the internet, mostly they are about the fear people in US towards this fish, and how the carp is treated. People trying to control the number of the carp by fishing, chemical poisoning; launching campaign to catch them, encouraging the citizen to eat them; building electricity dam to stop them getting into the great lakes... These video materials have been played and made into an video collage.

The use of found online video is trying to create a different aesthetics of methodology, which is the overwhelming information can be obtained from everywhere! Thy way to collect and use the material almost became an invasive action.

Jump_03 copys.JPG

Jump_05 copys.JPG

Jump_12 copys.JPG

Jump_23 copys.JPG

Video stills

IMG_2653 1s.JPG

IMG_2666 1s.JPG

IMG_2691 1s.JPG

IMG_2692 1s.JPG

Installation view