Solo Exhibition

2015     The Asian Carp - Chen Hangfeng solo project, AM Art Space, Shanghai

2013     All that glitters must be gold, Center for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester

2013     Endless Demand, Cable Gallery, Helsinki

2012     Unnatural Selection - by Chen Hangfeng, Fife Contemporary Art Center, St Andrews, (Scotland)

2012     Prosperity, Gallery 22,48m2, Paris,

2011     Unnatural Selection - works by Chen Hangfeng, Bradford Museum / Cartwright Hall Gallery, Bradford,

2011     Solo show by Chen Hangfeng, Kn Studio, Verona

2010     Christmas Project – Rockbund Museum, Shanghai

2009     Christ MASS Production – window work by Chen Hangfeng, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

2008     Daily Prosperity – installation work by Chen Hangfeng, Art Labor Gallery, Shanghai

2007     Christ MASS Production – a site specific installation project, Zendai MoMA / Radisson hotel, Shanghai


Selected Group Exhibition

2014     Coming Soon, Dongchang cinema, Shanghai

2014     Night Light, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco

2014     Collaboration 6, HALLE50, Munich

2014     NeoFolk, Ikkan Gallery, Singapore

2014     Electronic Pacific, Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC), Shanghai

2013     Follies of a species, OV Gallery, Shanghai

2013     The overlapping reflection, Zhujiajiao, Shanghai

2013     Filter the public, SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project, Shanghai

2013     Serve the people, White Rabbit Museum, Sydney

2013     Transmedia, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

2012     Time of Dragon, Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland

2012     Just what is it about the end of the world that makes it so appealing, V-Art Center, Shanghai

2012     Casablanca Biennale, Casablanca

2012     Facing East, Austin Tung Gallery, Melbourne

2012     Here Today Gone Tomorrow, NG Art Gallery, Sydney

2012     Cold Comfort, OV Gallery, Shanghai

2012     Year of the dragon, Gallery Jones, Vancouver

2011     Learning from the Literati 2, OV Gallery, Shanghai

2011     Beyond the Frame, White Rabbit Museum, Sydney

2011     Collective Consciousness, OV Gallery, Shanghai

2011     + Follow, Moca Shanghai, Shanghai

2011     Refracted Realities, OV Gallery, Shanghai

2011     Survival - Snowscape Moere 6, Moerenuma Park, Sapporo

2010     Post-tradition: the magnified slice - Forth Biennale of Young Artists, Duolun MoMA, Shanghai

2010     Absolute Distance, White Space, Beijing

2010     Double Act, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai

2010     Learning from the Literati, OV Gallery, Shanghai

2010     Moved, Mutated and Disturbed Identities, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai

2010     The Big Bang, White Rabbit Museum, Sydney

2010     Dubble Happiness: A Story of Siamese Cities, Double Happiness / Foo Tak building, Hong Kong

2010     The Dao of Now, White Rabbit Museum, Sydney

2010     Make Over, OV Gallery, Shanghai

2009     30 Degrees, Island 6 Art Centre, Shanghai / Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2009     Every Human Being is An Artist - China-Germany Contemporary Art Exhibition, Time Square, Shanghai

2009     Rebirth - 800show Creative Center, Shanghai

2009     Moved, Mutated and Disturbed Identities, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, Luxembourg

2009     Scattered times, Time Square Shopping Mall, Shanghai

2009     In the market, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing

2009     Music to my eyes / Fat Art (curated by Karen Smith), Today Art Museum, Beijing

2009     A Starting Point: Intrude Art & Life 366, Dynamics of change and growth, Zendai MoMA, Shanghai

2008     Artworks – Seoul Design Festival, Coex Center, Seoul

2008     Made in China, SoStockholm Gallery, Stockholm

2008     Shanghai Attitude, Jing Art Gallery, Shanghai

2007     DMY: DesignCluster <ASIEN>, Galerie Tristesse, Berlin

2007     Rejected Collection, Ke Center for Contemporary Arts, Shanghai

2007     Tuning Boloni, Gallery Artside and Boloni•Ming Gallery, Beijing

2007     NeoSpring Creative Festival, Husizhan warehouse, Shanghai

2006     Christmas is Approaching, Zendai MoMA / Radisson hotel, Shanghai

2006     Material World, 1918 ArtSpace, Shanghai

1996     Let’s Talk About Money – 1st Fax Art Exhibition, Huashan Art School, Shanghai


Award / Grants

2011     S-Air / Sapporo, Japan

2009     Arts Council England / Visiting Arts

2009     Asia-Europe Foundation

2008     Arts Council England


Residency / Workshop

2013     HIAP, Helsinki, Finland

2012     The Academy of Reciprocal Enlightenment / 2012 Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai

2012     Ifitry Artist Residency, Contemporary Art Center, Essaouira, Morocco

2011     S-Air / Sapporo, Japan

2009     1mile² Bradford UK

2009     Artist Workshop / Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, Luxembourg

2008     Braziers International Artist Workshop, London


Artist as Curator

2013-14    Organism - iD Town international artist residency program, Shenzhen, China