Scattered sceneries along Mei creek

(Excerpt from the video)

Single channel video with sound, 1920 x 1080, color

Length: 2’51’’ (full length: 14'41")


Scattered sceneries along Mei creek

Single channel video with sound, 1920 x 1080, Length: 14'41"

According to the old family book, the Xitan village has more than 1000 years of history, which can be traced back to Song Dynasty. Numerous important scholars and literati were originally from this village, and the poems they wrote were included in the family book. A set of them described 10 pictorial sceneries along the Mei creek. 'Stone horse carrying the mist' and 'Snow covering the bamboo forest next to Mei creek' are two beautifully crafted scenes. Time has passed, the water of Mei creek is still running, but those sceneries are long gone. They have now been transformed into sceneries of white foam, red ball, green belt and many ornamental pieces you see today. All of them are handmade; some of the ornaments are designed and improvised by the villagers themselves, even though most of the tools they use to make these Christmas ornaments are farming related objects. Magically, they managed to mix and match these farming tools perfectly for the production!


Video stills

10 Sceneries along Mei Creek

(Poems by Sun Xidan)


Glitters and glue on Tyvek paper

180 x 50 cm



Details of the calligraphy