(Video documentation of the installation)


Installation: Spotlight, wall, cups, water, tables, bricks, mechanic device and timer

Dimension variable, 2010

I collected those cups in the resting rooms of a supermarket, a factory and two pharmacies. They are used by the staff during their break. Some of the items are recycled bottles or jars meant for various consumable goods, such as tea, coffee, cured fruit, spices... Since about 10 or 20 people have to share the resting rooms, each of them uses a different cup by size, color and material, so that no mixing up is possible. Once I had collected the cups, I put them on a table resting on bricks and put in a dark place, there is a set of mechanic device and timer underneath the table. The cups are filled with water; a beam crosses them, because of the knocking from the mechanic device, it producing a series of reverberations on the wall behind the table.